Ausangate Trek 6 Days

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The Community of Chillca constituted by shepherds of llamas and alpacas is known as the guardian of these pristine places, from where you can make mountain walks spending the night in comfortable hostels or tambos, among which Machuracay Tambo stand out, in a trek called “Path of the Apu Ausangate.

Trip Fact

  • Trip Name: Ausangate Trek 6 Days
  • Country: Peru
  • Type: Multi-day Tour,Multi-day Tour
  • Activities: HIKING AND WALKING
  • Experiences: Nature ,Adventure
  • Multi-Language Guide: English

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  • Activity
What to expect ?

Adventure & beautiful landscapes.



After having a hearty breakfast, we will leave the hotel by private bus to start our adventure. The destination will be the town of Tinki (4,000 masl). We will go by the highway, towards the south of the city, passing through the traditional town of Urcos (3,150 masl). Later, we will advance to the community of Muñapata (3,188 masl); From there, we will ascend the road that goes from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. We will cross between the mountains and observe an impressive landscape of the Andes and a panoramic view of the imperial city. Continuing the trip, we will find surprising typical towns, where the people still maintain their traditional clothes and ancestral folk customs, like the town of Ccatca (3,700 masl). An hour later, after having witnessed an unforgettable view of the Vilcanota Mountain Range, we will arrive at the town of Ocongate (3,540 masl). Finally, the town of Tinki “Full Harmony” awaits us, where we will camp, having witnessed unforgettable views of the VILCANOTA mountain range during this stretch.

  • Travel time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 3150 meters above sea level / 10334 feet
  • Maximum Altitude: 4000 masl / 13123 feet
  • Camp Height: 4000 meters / 13123 feet


After a fortifier breakfast, we will start our trek to the Upis camp (4,400 masl). During the tour, we will pass through the ecological site of Quinsapucyu and the mountain of Huarmisaya, until we reach the Upis camp. There we will have lunch, later, we will have the opportunity to freely explore the surroundings of the area, the mystical of its thermal lakes and the uniqueness of its glaciers. All this atmosphere develops around the Apu Ausangate. A beautiful landscape, that will last in your memories all your life.

  • Distance: 9 km
  • Walking Hours: 6 to 7 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 4000 masl / 13123 feet
  • Maximum Altitude: 4400 masl / 14435 feet
  • Camp Height: 4400 masl / 14435 feet


After a warm breakfast, we will start our hike and ascend through to ravine covered with rocks, mosses, and lichens. We will arrive at Arapa Pass (4,958 masl), from there, we will be able to observe the forest of stones. At the top, we will observe the Nevado de Ausangate and the chain of mountains that accompany it. Later, we will descend and camp near the Pukacocha lagoon (4,510 masl), Quechua word that means “Red Lagoon”. Which is an attractive reservoir of water for irrigation, next to the White bridge; its builders have called “Nocturno” and others promote as Laguna Pukacocha.

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Walking Hours: 7 to 8 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 4400 masl / 14435 feet
  • Maximum Altitude: 4958 masl / 16266 feet
  • Camp Height: 4510 meters / 14796 feet


After breakfast, we will begin to ascend towards our second step called Apacheta (4855m) surrounded by natural vegetation of the area and covered rocks, mosses, and lichens. From here, we will have different angles of the Ausangate and the snowy ones that accompany it. Then, we will descend to our lunch near another lake called Ausangate Cocha (4,680 masl). After lunch and a break, we will begin the ascent towards our third step. This is the highest of our entire trip and is called the Abra de Palomani (5200m). From here, we can observe giant mountains covered with snow. Soon, we will descend to Pampacancha (4,500 masl). Here, we will observe with greater clarity and, in all its magnitude, the snow-capped Ausangate and the Vilcanota mountain range. Later, we will go to our camp in the Qampa Valley (4,650 masl). In this place, the wildlife is varied: with birds such as condors, chinchillas, and herds of vicunas that are seen in the hills.

  • Distance: 15 km
  • Walking Hours: 9 to 10 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 4500 masl / 14763 feet
  • Maximum Altitude: 4855 meters above sea level / 15928 feet
  • Camp Height: 4650 masl / 15255 ft


After a fortifying breakfast, we will start the hike observing the giant glaciers and huge blocks of ice that belong to the Qolque Cruz snow (Cruz de Plata) and, at the other end, gigantic snows that make these landscapes an unforgettable memory. Next, we will arrive at the lagoon of Ticllacocha; then, we will cross the last step, called Qampa (5,000 masl). This last step is covered by small stone towers called “apachetas” in Quechua. Once reached the top, travelers can raise these towers as a way to ask the mountains for the best wishes. When descending the top, we will be arriving at the Pachaspata pampas; where, we will camp on the banks of the lake of Qomercocha “green lake” (4,580 masl); which, is considered by the Andean priests as a place with a lot of energy.

  • Distance: 10 km
  • Walking Hours: 7 to 8 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 4500 masl / 14763feet
  • Maximum Altitude: 4855 masl / 15928ft
  • Camp Height: 4580 masl / 15026ft


After breakfast, we will prepare to continue our walk. We will find more lagoons along the way; which shine through the clear waters and the vegetation they have. The brightness of these lakes makes mystical groups visit these places, and the Andean priests perform ceremonies in the name of Mother Earth or Pachamama. Continuing with our trip, we will pass through meadows and meet various shepherds with their llamas and alpacas; then, we will be arriving at the town of Pacchanta (4,300 masl). This small town has some thermal waters that are a mandatory place to visit to relax the muscles after 5 days of walking. At this point, we will have lunch and, later, we will board our van, which will take us back to the city of Cusco.

  • Distance: 8 km
  • Walking Hours: 5 to 6 hours
  • Minimum Altitude: 4300 masl / 14107ft
  • Maximum Altitude: 4580 masl / 15026ft

Cost Details

Price Include:
  • Transportation Cusco – Tinki
  • Local guide service
  • Inflatable matra
  • Cook and assistant
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Snacks
  • Daily tea service
  • Food (5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners)
  • Vegetarian menu at no extra cost)
  • Horses (for our camping equipment)
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency oxygen bottle
  • Transportation Tinki – Cusco
Price Exclude
  • Sleeping bag per person
  • Mules for personal effects
  • Tickets to the park (in 3 places total is 30 soles).
  • Canes

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